Out Of The Blue

Burgh's Bargain Barbarians
Stopping a slaver

There’s something strange in the neighborhood. Something weird, and it don’t look good. So who you gonna call? Why ,Aros’ champions of course! Else there’s no point in mentioning the event in this particular campaign.

Aros calls a small number of his men together, citing local rumors of a sudden up-spike in the Stormhold slave trade. These rumors, for enough coin, say that the Dayrun Smugglers, who have always dealt in human trafficking, have been more and more active in the slave trade. Why, however, is an answer either unknown or too expensive.

Seowhyn and Starke conducted a bit of independent detective work in the market district of the city, lightening their pockets while filling a few others’. Eventually, another merchant, on pain of pain, informed Starke that Burgh, proprietor of Burgh’s Bargains, was a fence for the Smugglers and likely involved in the trade.

The group, which also included Thaldur the wizard and Maron the fighter, convened and agreed that the best way to find out more would to be straight from the horse’s mouth. Thaldur, it was decided, would speak to Burgh on behalf of the party and see what he could learn. However, inside the shop, he panicked under pressure, stumbling over his words and setting off the signal in fright. A concerned party rushed the shop, only to find an equally concerned pair of store guards as well as one disgruntled dwarven shopkeeper.

Eventually, thanks to some smooth talking, the group was able to calm down the (understandably) belligerent merchant and get down to “real” business. At first, Burgh was hesitant to speak of such… Dishonorable dealings, but quickly opened up at the prospect of coin. He told that he had just received a fresh party of strong, fit orcs, including the chieftain, and that he would be willing to sell for the very reasonable price of 1,000 gold pieces. Irked at the steep cost, but willing, the group pooled their money, agreeing to the deal. Burgh pocketed the coin and told them to return around closing time.

True to his word, Burgh was ready right at nightfall, inviting the party back inside. In the dim lighting, one of the store guards stood with a knife pressed to an orc’s neck. The slave, tall and bound in chain, looked apathetic. After surveying the merchandise, ostensibly for quality. Accepting the specimen, the party was then led back out of the city through an underground network of tunnels and outside the walls, where they were able to question their new “companion.”


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