Ashur Hargrove

5'10", semi short dark hair, well built


Human Fighter-lvl 3

Str-15, Dex-15, Con-16, Int-13, Wis-13, Cha-11

AC-16, HP-35

Weapons: Longsword, Shortsword, Comp. Shortbow w/20 arrows, Dagger, Throwing Knives

Saves: Fortitude-6, Reflex-3, Will-2, Initiative-6

Alignment-Chaotic Good


Since birth, Ashur lived in his town’s orphanage, never knowing his parents. He lived his days doing everything he could to make the lives of his friends better, and around the time of his 15th birthday, he caught the eye of a wealthy merchant who adopted him and introduced him to a life of luxury. Ashur never forgot his origins, and he regularly visited his old friends at the orphanage. At 20, his adoptive father was killed behind the tavern by a drunk that wanted his coin, and shortly afterwards disease swept through the town, killing most of the children in the orphanage and taking away Ashur’s only incentive to stay in his hometown any longer. Over the next few years of wandering and traveling, Ashur trained himself in the ways of combat, and eventually found himself living among a mountain-dwelling dwarven clan. Ashur now spends his time traveling, taking odd jobs, and raiding abandoned dungeons. He lives for the thrill danger brings.

Ashur Hargrove

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