Lenaianthe Torukheim

4'2", 90lbs, Reddish-brown hair, Green eyes, Dwarven-Elf crossbreed


Dwelf Rogue – Lvl 3

STR-15, DEX-17, CON-15, INT-14, WIS-10, CHA-12

AC-15, HP-18

Saving throws – FOR-3, REF-6, WILL-1

Weapons – Shortbow w/ 40 arrows, 2 Daggers, Shortsword

Alignment – Chaotic Neutral


My father was a dwarven noble and my mother a high-ranking elf. Their families were cursed by a mage that led to them conceiving a child, me. My mother was cast out of the family when I was born, whereupon she fled into the forest with me and raised me until she died of melancholia. I never met my father and while I can work magic myself, I have a general distrust and loathing for other magic users. I am indifferent to other people unless they are useful to my designs and will do whatever it takes to further my own cause.

Lenaianthe Torukheim

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