Dayrun Smugglers

Such a bright and standout-ish name is befitting of the least covert group of smugglers ever to exist. Operating using several popular stores as fronts, the Dayrun Smugglers are one of the sharpest thorns in the side of the Stormhold town guard. Their name is an open flaunting of their open smuggling, often-times operating in broad daylight. While such fronts as well as a number of individual merchants and fences are well-known, the Guard has yet to actually apprehend any on solid evidence. And so do the Dayrun Smugglers run on.
They deal in all sorts of items: poisons, weapons, and sometimes even human trafficking. It all depends on where you look. For the right price, the Dayrun Smugglers can get you anything you need, or get you anywhere. Rumors have it that they operate in other cities as well, though since the group has neither confirmed nor denied it, nobody is sure. Some speculate that smuggling groups of the same name exist elsewhere, with no actual ties to the main organization.

Additionally, the Smugglers have loose ties to the various other semi-legal organizations within Stormhold, such as the Thieves Guild and Nightsong Guild. Members of these different factions often belong to more than one, lending a considerable pool of expertise and connections to their customers, as well as allies.

Lately, however, they’ve attracted negative attention with the aforementioned human smuggling. The adversity stems in part from their allied organizations, putting the Dayrun Smugglers in an uncomfortable position. Magnus, founder and head of the Smugglers, has recently increased his personal guard, hiring a number of Nightsong Enforcers to remove those who he perceives as threats. Of course, the greatest risk to his life comes from the same group, so he has recently allocated a large number of personal assets, in the form of coin as well as valuables, in exchange for protection from the guild.

The town guard has also been more fierce in their pursuit of finding and removing suspect Smugglers, and the number of “accidental” deaths in such raids has grown at an alarming rate. While many within the upper echelons of the guild see the new “merchandise” as a lucrative source of income, others are wary of the more watchful eyes that have recently been attracted.

Dayrun Smugglers

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