The head and founder of the Dayrun Smugglers, as well as the unofficial head of the Merchant District of Stormhold. A large, dark-skinned man with a smooth voice, Magnus is a foreigner, presumably from the continent of Pheria. Arriving in Stormhold at a young age, he made a remarkably speedy climb to prominence and fame, largely through a number of illegal and semi-legal deals. He has since retired to a large estate near the Market District of Stormhold, where he oversees most aspects of business in the city. He is known to loan money as well as to provide covert and illegal services, but those that try to double-cross him have yet to come out alive.

A foreigner from the country of Pheria, Magnus arrived in Rin in his youth and made a living and eventually a fortune as a thief and pickpocket. He founded the Dayrun Smugglers, initially a small group of fences operating under the eye of the city guard, eventually spreading to become one of the most widespread underground organizations in the city.

Now in his middle years, Magnus oversees nearly all mercantile goings-on in Stormhold. He lives in an elaborate mansion, rivaling the splendor of the twin kings. Rumor holds that he is constantly surrounded by beautiful, exotic women, and many young girls go to his residence hoping to earn his favor and his fortune. He is dark-skinned and has a smooth voice. Urban legend holds that his voice is sweet enough to hold you captive while he slits your throat. A regular occurrence for Magnus, who is said to always carry a beautiful, elegant dagger for those whom he feels have wronged him.

Unfortunately for these would-be paramours, Magnus is an extremely paranoid man, hiring a multitude of bodyguards and allowing few people to actually come into contact with him. While he is known to be generous in loaning money, all deals are done via underlings. He has been known to personally deal with double-crossers and those who take advantage of him, though, as such affairs usually end swiftly and bloodily.

Of concern to many within Stormhold is the fate of the young women that go to Magnus. Some believe that they are in fact accepted, despite the rumors of his fear. Still more, though, fear that they only feed the burgeoning slave trade the Smugglers have chosen to undergo.


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