Map of Ostholt

Ostholt consists of four main continents in a the form of a compass rose, with numerous outlying islands. The northern continent is Rin, where this campaign takes place. It’s a land of humans, dwarves, elves, and numerous other races living in relative peace with each other.

To the east is Savva, considered by most to be a vast barbaric land. Covered with grassy plains and deserts, there aren’t many real cities on Savva, but rather mostly small outposts and settlements. Savvic foreigners occasionally travel to the other continents, but rarely. When they do, most can’t speak the Common tongue but communicate through gestures and pictures. Others that travel to Savva rather than from it describe the land as being wild and untamed, with massive beasts stalking the plains unhindered.

The southern continent is the frigid continent of Elleos, which means “Great Frozen Lake” in the dwarven language. Dwarven loremasters claim that the dwarves originate from Elleos, and traveled to Rin and the other lands via a mountain path across the ocean. Adding strength to the story, a number of dwarven colonies still reside on Elleos, though they’re vastly different in mannerisms than “foreign” dwarves. Lore also holds that beneath the icy sheets of Elleos, a massive dragon slumbers, and that when Elleos melts enough he will awaken and destroy the world.

The last continent, to the west, is Pheria. It’s the most similar continent to Rin in terms of civilization and climate, though the people there have darker skin. Rin and Pheria are frequent trade partners, and all nations of both continents enjoy a firm friendliness, though on a more individual level there are often subtle tones of racism.

The surrounding islands are largely unnamed, or rather, have different names to different peoples and cultures. However, the most famous of all of these islands is the one commonly called Amuriel, or the Eye of the World. It sits between Phelia and Elleos, and is nearly inaccessible. Around it, harsh waters dash ships to pieces on sharp rocks, and constant heavy mists disorient aerial travelers, generally leading them to a deep watery grave as well. In fact, the existence of Amuriel is somewhat debated, as no one is known to have actually traveled there. However, the island shows up on maps dating back to before the First Great War, and so is commonly placed on contemporary maps as well. Some that believe in the existence of Amuriel say it’s a portal to another plane, while some say some ancient evil is locked away there. However, all attempts to scry on the island or otherwise interact magically provide no results for the magician, which can sometimes lead to negative or even fatal effects on the caster.


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