Seowhyn Thaluun - Faeyre

Seowhyn is a half human, half sharakim. Although Seowhyn spent his youth and the early years of his manhood as a simple hired sword, that chapter in his life was short lived. These days his mind is set on an incident which occurred when he was still a young man, shortly after meeting the love of his life.

Before I continue I must alert you to a simple fact of sharakim culture… they hate orcs. The sharakim are sworn enemies of the orcs (yes I know they aren’t alone in feeling this way, but still).

With that information in mind, Seowhyn, having been raised in his fathers home land, already the outcast half human, a bit of a runt in being, found his true love to be none other than an orcish woman. Of course, being a faithful son, he told his father… a foolish mistake, to be sure.

His father in turn told the elders, and the elders would have none of it. Seowhyn was given a choice, give up the girl, or give up his people. It was during this time that he retreated into his studies, hoping to find his way through his teachings. The woman and the tribe elders agreed to give him a month to find himself.

He became the student of a powerful and wise hermit warrior who saw potential in the boy. The deal was that the hermit could once again pass on his ancient teachings, and Seowhyn could learn the wisdom and strength to make the choice ahead. Seowhyn resolved, at the end of his month, to follow his heart, and to marry the girl, regardless of consequence.

Of course at the same time, Megry, the girl, was facing a similar trauma. See, Megry was unlike most orcs, a trait that no doubt caused her to catch Seowhyn’s eye. She was perfectly willing to abandon her savage, cruel people, but they wouldn’t let her go. Orcs who leave their tribes for unsanctioned reasons, like to live with and marry an outsider, were hunted down like animals.

When he returned to his village, his father was distressed, and begged his son not to leave. He even went so far as to claim that Megry would surely have lost her faith in him after a month, and would have been wise and returned to her own people, as Seowhyn should so do. Seowhyn, however, would not be budged in his resolve. After saying a final fair well to his family, and everyone he had ever known, Seowhyn set out to the location where he had promised to meet Megry, for better or for worse, after the month had ended.

When he got there, he found a destroyed tent, packs and supplies scattered and thrown around. Seowhyn understood what had happened, and he tracked heavy set foot prints for several days before coming upon the outskirts of an orc camp. That night he executed a plan he had worked on, and infiltrated.

Things did not go as he had planned, not surprising since his skills didn’t exactly lie in stealth. He ended up in a headlong battle with the warriors of the small band. Right as he thought he would fall, he looked up to the hillside, and saw his own father standing there, clad in battle mail. “Give her up!” he cried, and suddenly it struck him.

They had been betrayed by his own father. Megry had been sold out to the orcs by Seowhyn’s own father, in the name of possibly the only cause the two groups shared, keeping the two races far apart. Rage filled his veins, and Seowhyn again rose up, furious and powerful beyond belief. He slew the remaining warriors, channeling his own blood into the blade, the way he had been taught.

His father came down the hill, and confronted his son. The two clashed, and in what could only be described as a clash of masters, Seowhyn, through it all, emerged the victor. Without a second glance at the corpse of the man who had raised him, he rushed to the only tent, were Megry was certain to be. Sure enough, inside he found her bound by hands and feet to wooden stakes.

She had been beaten, raped, and tortured for almost a week by the orcs. If they hadn’t been so careless in leaving evidence, Seowhyn may have even believed she had simply abandoned him. Sorrow filled his heart, as she described that the only end to her misery could possibly be death. Having abandoned his own people, killed his own father, Seowhyn would now have to bring his blade against the one person in the world he could never love more. The moment it met her flesh he lost a valuable piece of his soul.

Since that time Seowhyn has meditated and mourned, and he has resolved himself to the only penance he thinks might help save what is left of himself. He seeks out orcs, in a blind and futile attempt to bring them forth into the world of kinder beings. He seeks to change their ways, their very nature, to turn them into less than the monsters he was forced to believe them to be.

Seowhyn has never met a band of orcs he didn’t eventually have to slay, and every time they lash against him, he slays them with a grimace of not only the joy of twisted revenge, but the sorrow of failure written upon his face. Aside from the obvious, he is deeply scarred in many other ways as well, and this sometimes shows in social situations. Even so, he cares deeply for the protection of innocence, and is known to lead almost crusade like missions in the name of kidnapped maidens and the like.

Side-Notes: Seowhyn got his elven chain mail from his instructor, having been an elf himself. He also learned the teaching of Corellon, the elf god. He got his falchion from the leader of the orc band he killed on the worst day of his life. In face, having been disarmed in the conflict with his father, he lunged forward, grabbing the blade, it ultimately used it to deliver the final blow.

Seowhyn Thaluun - Faeyre

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